Barefoot Hikers of Minnesota ~ "Soles in touch with nature"

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about barefoot hiking and our group.

Q: What is barefoot hiking?

A: Barefoot hiking can be described quite simply as walking through nature with bare feet.  All boots, shoes, socks, sandals, or footwear of any kind can be left behind.

Q: Why hike barefoot?

A: Because it feels great!  Our bare soles are able to experience the rich variety of textures, temperatures, and sensations that nature has to offer.  Free from the isolation of boots and shoes, we can actually feel the dusty dirt trails, soft grassy paths, and wet muddy walkways beneath us.  When the hike is through, our feet are refreshed and invigorated instead of hot and tired.

Q: Doesn't it hurt your feet?

A: No, it really doesn't.  After all, we hike barefoot for pleasure, not punishment!  Of course, as with any physical activity, it's best to start out slowly and not overdo it on your first hike.  In time, your soles become accustomed to various surfaces and your feet strengthen as they are allowed to flex and move freely.  If you are like many others, you'll soon be surprised at how far you can comfortably hike when you're not burdened with heavy boots or shoes!

Q: Is it OK to bring some shoes along with me on a hike "just in case"?

A: Sure, feel free to bring along some "backup footwear" if you have concerns about hiking conditions and your bare feet.  We promote hiking barefoot for enjoyment - not pain endurance!  Hike with bare soles where you can, but don't feel you need to force it if it's not working for you.

Q: Does it cost anything to become a Barefoot Hikers of Minnesota member?

A: No, there are no dues or fees associated with becoming a member of our group.

Q: How do I become a Barefoot Hikers of Minnesota member?

A: For more information on joining our group, visit the Join Us page of this web site.