Barefoot Hikers of Minnesota ~ "Soles in touch with nature"

Recent Photos

Tamarack Nature Center, May 12, 2018  

Springtime hikers take a hilltop pause for a group photo.
(Photo courtesy of John Helquist)

Spring Lake Park Reserve, October 12, 2014  

Crispy leaves crunch underfoot on a beautiful fall day.
(Photo courtesy of Lyle Lange)

A stunning view of the Mississippi River from Schaar's Bluff.
(Photo courtesy of Lyle Lange)

Our bare soles wander under a canopy of brilliant fall colors:
bright yellow, lime green, and a splash of crimson.
(Photo courtesy of Lyle Lange)


Lebanon Hills Regional Park, July 12, 2014

A thoroughly-soaked set of barefoot hikers returns to the
Visitor Center after a memorable walk through a drenching downpour.
(Photo courtesy of Jane Maloney)



Before the skies open, our soles explore the wonderful mixture
of packed earth and green grass found on this hilltop trail.
(Photos courtesy of Lyle Lange)


Tamarack Nature Center, July 9, 2011

A lush path of green grass and clover carries hikers along
the border between open prairie and established woods.
(Photo courtesy of Lyle Lange)


Blue skies, blooming wildflowers, and bare feet...
all the makings of a great summer afternoon in the park!
(Photo courtesy of Lyle Lange)


A dragonfly takes a break from darting about
to spend a few moments visiting with Leah.
(Photo courtesy of Lyle Lange)


Hyland Lake Park Reserve, May 14, 2011


Carolyn, Meg, Jim, and Josh are well prepared for a walk in the rain,
sporting water resistant nylon jackets and waterproof bare feet!
(Photo courtesy of Lyle Lange)



 A narrow deer run crossing the main trail leads us down to a shallow pond
where two mature geese head out for a swim with their six young goslings.
(Photos courtesy of Lyle Lange)


Jim and Meg stop to "smell the roses"...
or at least the blossoms on this flowering tree.
(Photo courtesy of Lyle Lange)


Ritter Farm Park, August 14, 2010

Posing in a fresh rain puddle at the start of the hike are:
Matt, Ivy, Laura, Carolyn, Leah, Kari, Karla, Jim, Klara, and Jeff.
(Photo courtesy of Jane Maloney



Matt takes the lead, blazing a trail for the rest of the group.
(Photos courtesy of Jim Guttmann and Klara Noble)



Klara, Kari, and Jane discover the recipe for marvelous mud:
combine equal parts rain water and dirt, mix with bare feet, and enjoy!
(Photos courtesy of Jim Guttmann and Jane Maloney)


Barefoot hikers become barefoot waders, travelling a section of trail
flooded by torrential rains that fell just a couple of days before.
(Photo courtesy of Jane Maloney)