Barefoot Hikers of Minnesota ~ "Soles in touch with nature"

The BHM Store

At the BHM Store you'll find shirts, caps, and other items that carry the Barefoot Hikers of Minnesota logo.  It's a great way to promote our group and to let others know about your interest in barefoot hiking.

Purchases at the BHM Store are handled by CafePress, an on-line business that lets organizations and individuals offer customized items for sale.  They cover all aspects of the transaction including ordering, billing, and shipping.

Merchandise in the BHM Store offer is offered with no additional mark-up beyond CafePress base prices.  Neither our group nor any of its members collect money from purchases made at the store.  It is strictly a "money for goods" exchange between the buyer and CafePress.

To visit the BHM Store at CafePress, click here.