Barefoot Hikers of Minnesota ~ "Soles in touch with nature"

Tips for Barefoot Hikers

Here are some simple tips that will help make your barefoot hiking experiences safe and enjoyable.  (Adapted from "The Barefoot Hiker" by Richard Frazine)

1. Always step straight down

Never allow your feet to shuffle or drag along the ground.  This greatly reduces the risk of incurring cuts or abrasions on your feet.

2. Place your weight on the ball of your foot

The wide, forward part of the foot distributes your weight effectively, acts as a shock absorber, and conforms to various shapes and contours.  Avoid stepping down heel first.

3. Watch the path ahead of you

Continually look ahead two or three paces to plot the safest (and the most enjoyable!) course immediately in front of you.

4. Be cautious when you cannot see the ground itself

Ground cover like grass, leaves, or snow can hide objects from your view.  Step lightly and carefully.  Be prepared to retract a step if necessary.