Barefoot Hikers of Minnesota ~ "Soles in touch with nature"


The Barefoot Hikers of Minnesota are a group of people who hike the nature parks and trails of our state and do so with bare feet.  We enjoy feeling the rich variety of nature's surfaces with our soles and find that it adds unique pleasure to our hiking experiences.

The group was formed in 2003 when a few local members of the Society for Barefoot Living decided to share their enthusiasm for this activity and encourage others to join them.  It is one of a number of affiliated groups that promote barefoot hiking around the world.

Hikes are scheduled throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons.  We try to offer something for everyone, from the beginner out for their first barefoot stroll to the experienced hiker looking for a more challenging barefoot trek.

There are no dues or fees associated with Barefoot Hikers of Minnesota membership.  All that's needed are a set of bare feet and a desire to share hiking experiences with others.  Come and join us!

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